• DC Universe Miniatures Game

    The DC Universe Miniature Game is a tabletop skirmish game, pitting teams of exquisitely detailed miniature superheroes and villains against each other in exciting contests of strategy and might! Based on the epic, bestselling DC Universe, this game includes many of the well-loved characters that have thrilled comic book fans for generations.These mighty heroes and their arch nemeses can now assemble at your call, ready to save the world… or destroy it.

    In the DC Universe Miniature Game, you and your friends collect a set of beautiful miniatures of your favorite DC heroes and villains, bring them to life by painting them, and then use them as playing pieces in an exciting multi-faceted, three dimensional tactical game. You will be weaving your own stories, worthy of the greatest comic book sagas. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran of tabletop miniature games, or a new recruit to this rewarding hobby, you’ll soon be controlling your own super-team, and battling for control of Metropolis, the Earth at large, or even the entire galaxy!

    The DC Universe Miniature Game is designed for two or more players, with each taking control of a number of finely detailed miniatures, representing their faction, or team. The miniatures are in essence playing pieces, much like those you’d find in a board game. But unlike most board games, a miniature game doesn’t take place on a readily defined board, but rather the players take an active role in designing their own custom gaming area, usually on a tabletop populated by scratch-built scenery. The rules use a sophisticated system of power counters and unique character abilities, allowing you to move your models freely and utilize a large range of skills and powers to give you a tactical edge over your opponents.

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