• Kimera Kolors

    – Each color has only a single and pristine pigment of the highest quality, unmixed with other pigments or white. This is to get powerful colors that won’t go grey if mixed with others.

    – Some colors are more transparent than others. For example magenta, orange, cold and warm yellows and the phtalos are more transparent but very powerful and saturated. If you want to increase coverage you can add some white or some black in the mix without fearing that you’ll get desaturated colors.

    – They are matte, but they can be made satin by adding in your mix the satin medium provided. This medium is made with the same resin of the colors and won’t change their tone or saturation if added. This will help you achieve better skintones, leather or other satin materials and will make blending easier.

    – The pigment has a very high concentration, ranging from 30% to 50%. This very high amount of pigment will make your color very powerful and opaque. And if you paint with glazes you can thin them a lot more than you are used to.

    – The consistency is creamy, to make them better stick to your brush and to help you reach smoother transitions if you try to wetblend them directly on the model. But you can always thin them down to your preferred consistency because they won’t lose power. For this reason you can airbrush them just fine, for a much more powerful result than ever.

    – Each dropper pot contains 30ml of color (double to triple the amount you usually have in other miniature color brands), a stainless steel agitator ball already inside and it has a flip top cap designed to avoid clogging and the drying of colors.

    – The 13 pigments are selected in a scientific way to be the best range of pigments that can create EVERY COLOR. Your imagination, feel, and skill will be the only limit.

    – We also know how is important for a painter to use different brands of colors for different reasons. We encourage you to keep doing it! Just try to add Kimera Kolors in the mix to make them more powerful, or try to use them just diluted for a super vibrant glaze.

    – We tested our colors for more than a year with renowned artists all over the world, to reach the perfect balance between power, consistency, saturation, mattness and most important of all the ease of use.