• WarColours

    Paints: The WarColours line of paints offers you the broadest range of brilliant, pure colors – all skillfully made based on a 100% acrylic emulsion and high-grade pigments. Enjoy great lightfastness and a choice of opacities. Need something special? Discover the possibilities of our effect paints – metallic, pearl, and fluorescent just to name a few –  that complement the balanced palette of our carefully designed line of paints. Offering excellent adhesion on plastic, resin, and metal – or use it on almost any other surface that you like!

    Auxillaries: WarColours offers an impressive choice of auxiliaries: primers, mediums, additives, varnishes, and more. Every auxiliary is made with high-quality ingredients and is uniquely formulated to deliver a specific result.  These are designed to be used with all our acrylic paint products! Compatible with other brands also.

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