Warmachine Hordes

GAME STATE stores are Authorised Retailer for Privateer Press. Warmachine & Hordes is a hobby game produced by Privateer Press (PP).

Warmachine is a tabletop wargame set in a semi-industralised fantasy world. A player's army is centred around a powerful warcaster who controls a group of giant robots called warjacks, backed up by a few combat units and support solos.

Hordes represents the untamed wilds of the same fantasy world. It is a compatible game system with different aesthetics and background, but the only real in-game difference is that your army is centred around a warlock with giant beasts called warbeasts.

How warlocks control and interact with beasts is fundamentally different to how warcasters work with warjacks. The games are compatible, in that they use the same rules for movement and combat etcetera, and a Hordes army can play against a Warmachine army with no handicap on either side.

With a steampunk aesthetic, this game is designed for rules first, story second. The rules are very "structured" with everything occurring at specific steps in a sequence. Players don't get bogged down in arguments about "I think the rules let me do this" vs "Well I think the rules say you can't do that". Instead Warmachine players can figure out what is allowed by simply reading the relevant rule and figuring out where in the sequence they are. As such Warmachine & Hordes has some of the "cleanest" gameplay available.

Warmachine & Hordes games are a moderate size: larger than a squad-based game like Infinity, but smaller than battalion-based games like Age of Sigmar. A typical game is played with about 20-30 models on a 4 foot by 4 foot (1200mm by 1200mm) board and takes at most 2 hours, often much less when one player wins by 'assassinating' the othe