A34 Comet Heavy TanK

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Developed from the need for a British tank capable of taking on the potent German Panther and Tiger tanks, the A34 Comet medium tank was effectively the next generation of the Cromwell medium tank.

The Comet’s low silhouette was bolstered by thick armour, with 4 inches of frontal armour – the same as the much heavier US M26 Pershing. Top speed was limited to 32mph to avoid the problems faced by the faster Cromwell, but it was still faster than many of its contemporaries.

The Comet’s main gun was developed from the successful 17–pdr, being the same 76.2mm calibre. It was officially known as the 77mm high velocity (HV) to avoid confusion between the two types. Comets were issued to front line units in December 1944 seeing action to the end of WWII by which time 1,200 had been produced. The Comet served in the Korean War, remaining in British service until 1958. Subequently sold to several other countries, it remained in service into the 1980s!

Contains 1 resin & metal A34 Comet tank with metal tank crewman, stat cards, damage markers, decal sheet and order dice.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted