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The common Bark is the coastal merchant and fishing workhorse of the Caribbean. Ranging from one to three masts, it is typically square-rigged and designed for cargo, not speed. It is a sturdy, unromantic vessel, yet due to its availability is often used by buccaneers. Spaniards, if they have nothing better, often fit them out as armadillos, or small fighting vessels, against Buccaneers. One of the most famous buccaneers versus the Spanish battles pitted buccaneers in canoes and pirogues against three Spanish armadillo Barks.


  • Bark 1x 9.5”×3.5” Plastic Resin Hull (28mm scale)
  • 6 Wooden dowels for Masts & Spars
  • 4 Yards of Elastic for Rigging
  • 14 Laser cut wooden Rigging Parts
  • 4 Light Cannons and Carriages
  • 4 Swivel Guns
  • 1 Game Card