BlazBlue - Exceed Jin Box

  • SGD$52.00

Bring the fast-paced action of head-to-head arcade fighting games to your tabletop! Choose your fighter from an ever-growing roster of diverse characters, each with their own deck of special moves and supers. Exceed to reveal your true power and unleash havoc on your opponents!

This box contains 4 fighters and everything you need to play:

Jin=Kisaragi - Jin Kisaragi is a fierce swordsman who exerts constant pressure at various ranges. He wields powerful mixups that can close games abruptly against foes whose defenses falter!

Bang=Shishigami - Bang Shishigami is a swift, mobile ninja who possesses a well-rounded kit of diverse tools. He dismantles enemy threats, then unleashes his ultimate technique: fūrinkazan!

Hakumen - Hakumen is a powerful, close-range counterattacker who passively builds power while he waits for the perfect opportunity to strike!

Carl=Clover - Carl Clover's swift attacks and high mobility put pressure on enemies, giving his companion Nirvana time to flank them and let loose with her own devastating offense!


With the Exceed Fighting System, any fighter can battle against any other, regardless of their origin!