• Chasseurs (Rifle, Light Flamethrower)

    Chasseurs (Rifle, Light Flamethrower)

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    “Toujours Prêt” (Always Prepared) Motto of the 4th Chasseurs.
    The 4th Chasseurs is a Merovingian regiment operating under Special Operations Command. Its role is to undertake reconnaissance and other special action missions - Renseignement et Actions Spéciales - silently penetrating to the very heart of enemy positions. Since the Separatist Wars, during which the Merovingians found themselves surrounded by adversaries, the Chasseurs have specialized in military operations designed to hold defensive lines and detain the advance of enemy forces. Thanks to their special instinct for combat and their unusual preferences in armed tactics, the Merovingian commandos provide indispensable capabilities in the defense of Ariadna and their country. Respected as much for their qualities as fighters as for their experience, the members of the 4th Chasseurs nevertheless provoke more than a frisson of disquiet amongst their admirers due to their characteristic habit of christening their weaponry with pretty sounding French feminine names…
    The Chasseur is a dangerous infiltrator who helps the forces of the Ariadana Starter Pack

    Blister contains:

    • 1x Chasseur (Light Flamethrower)