Cor Caroli Luminant

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Even within the highly disciplined and elite Order of the Allshard, the Cor Caroli are a cadre apart. Warrior souls drawn from the allshard to inhabit the bodies of men and women who have been bred and prepared for such a great and glorious purpose. These hosts are then encased in heavy armour and given powerful weapons all designed and built using the technology of The Order. On the field of battle these towering armoured soldiers lay waste to the enemy, ever in search of those tainted by the Hex. They will stop at nothing to ensure such abominations are annihilated.

The Cor Caroli Luminant kit builds three multi-part resin miniatures;

  • 3x Cor Caroli Luminant
  • 3x Bases

Faction : Order

Unit Type : Support

Species: Human

Allegiance: Cor Caroli