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Cruel Seas: Fairmile B RML 529 Rescue Boat

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The Fairmile B class Motor Launch weighed in at 85 tonnes and 112 feet long. Crewed by 16 men it could make in the region of 20 knots through its 1200 hp petrol engines. The coastal forces were able to convert the Fairmile B into quite a varied assortment of roles and it was undoubtedly a valued workhorse for the small fleets.

RML 529

This model represents Rescue Motor Launch 529 in standard configuration, including a 2pdr on the foredeck, depth charges and a 20mm on the stern.

RML529 - Built by Jas Miller (St. Monance, Scotland, U.K.), Commissioned 14 July 1942

Commanded by C C Campbell, RNVR 18 Aug 1942 - 22 Dec 1945

The Fairmile B RML 529 comes in packs of two (plus data cards) to boost your Royal Navy coastal forces.