• Desolator Infernal Heavy Horror (metal/resin)

    Desolator Infernal Heavy Horror (metal/resin)

    • SGD$75.96

    The larger horrors sent forth by the infernals are massive hulks, their strange hides resistant to cutting and resilient against all but the mightiest blows. Desolators are terrifying to behold, their bodies festooned with myriad tumor-like bulbous sacs, each serving as a bladder for caustic liquids this horror unleashes through the maws of its attack limbs to obliterate its foes. Enemies closing with a Desolator are soon shredded by its upper limbs, which end in exceedingly sharp long-bladed claws.

    Faction:InfernalsClass:ModelGame Class:ModelMaterial:Metal & ResinModel Type:HeavyModel Type:Horror