• Dystopian Wars Rules & Gubbins Set - English

    • SGD$48.20

    Dystopian Wars is a tabletop wargame of naval battles using highly detailed miniatures to represent huge engines of destruction on, above and below the high-seas. Set in an alternate late-Nineteenth Century called the Dystopian Age, super-science fuelled nations clash over resources and power. Pick your faction and fight for dominance over the seas and skies with incredible machines of war fuelled by extraordinary technology - dread marvels of the Dystopian Age.

    The Dystopian Wars Rules & Gubbins Set contains all the tools you need to play. Just grab this box and your favourite Battlefleet (or two) and you are ready to start clashing against your opponents on the high seas.

    The Dystopian Wars Rules & Gubbins Set contains

    • 1x Rule Book
    • 1x Victory & Valour card Decks
      • 60 Cards in each deck
    • 1x Template Set
    • 20x Action Dice
    • 6x Critical Dice
    • 1x Condition token sets

    Please note

    • Printed materials are supplied in English.