• Flesh & Blood: Crucible of War One Case (4 x Booster Box) 1st Edition

    • SGD$13,888.00

    This is a Crucible of War 1st Edition (Alpha) release. Will be shiped as One Sealed Case.

    From Legend Story Studios

    The furnace is blazing, and the clinks and clanks of hammers on anvils ring out like the drums of war, as Crucible of War approaches. When you crack packs of CRU on August 28, you’ll notice some new things inside the pack.

    Crucible of War Composition

    • 1 Fabled
    • 2 Legendary
    • 36 Majestic (combined with Super Rares)
    • 56 Rare
    • 103 Common

    Crucible of War Pack Configuration

    • 1 Premium Foil
    • 1 Rare or higher
    • 1 Rare
    • 7 Commons

    Defining Rarity
    When designing Flesh and Blood, we pay a lot of attention to the frequency of each individual high rarity card. By this, we mean that we don’t look at a Legendary as being 1:96 packs, but rather as a “Fyendal’s Spring Tunic” appearing in 1:480 packs. This was planned so that Welcome to Rathe and Arcane Rising both had 5 Legendary equipment, meaning you get, on average, 1 Legendary equipment per case (or 1:96 packs). It’s our intention for core booster sets like WTR, ARC and Monarch to mostly follow this model.

    For supplementary sets like Crucible of War, the model is different. Because there are only 2 Legendary cards in CRU, they appear approximately 1:240 packs, meaning the frequency of finding a specific Legendary is consistent with the established baseline.

    Short Prints
    As much as possible, we try to make the frequency of each card within a rarity the same, or as close to the same as possible. A lot of planning goes into trying to achieve this, with consideration to the constraints of manufacturing – such as the fixed number of card slots on a print sheet, and how many different print sheets can co-exist.

    In special circumstances we will intentionally short-print cards. This is mostly relevant when a “play set” of a card is less than 3. For example, equipment and cards with the keyword Legendary (You may only have 1 [NAME] in your deck.), are cards players typically want to own 1 copy of, rather than 3.

    There are many majestic equipments in Crucible of War, as well as a very special card, Gorganian Tome (which has the keyword Legendary). To balance supply and demand for these cards, they have been intentionally short-printed, appearing slightly less than half as often as other majestics in Crucible of War.