• GSW - Dungeon Plunger Cutter

    GSW - Dungeon Plunger Cutter

    • SGD$25.00

    Dungeon Plunger Cutter Set

    Dungeon cutter set will allow you cut and imprint textured and plaint tiles to be used in your miniatures bases and Dungeon tiles.

    Thickness of the pieces: 3mm

    This set is including 6 tools as follows:
    1x Cobblestone 25mm
    1x Cobblestone 32mm
    1x Bricks 25mm
    1x Bricks 32mm
    1x Plain 25mm
    1x Plain 32mm

    *** We recommend the use soft polymer clays such as Super Sculpey Beige or a mixture of Super Sculpey Beige with Sculpey Original. You may also use Paper paste such as Pasta Das.

    GAME STATE Singapore Dungeon Plunger Cutter