• Infernal Gate

    Infernal Gate

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    For centuries, infernals have schemed ways to facilitate their arrival on Caen. Infernal gates serve as longer-lasting conduits to the outer realms, connecting as well to the repositories of souls held by infernal masters. Dormant gates can be disguised as ordinary structures, revealing their true nature only when activated, becoming towering portals of darkness adorned with unholy runes. Reality slips and shivers around the gate, and it can unleash bursts of spectral flame to consume those who would seek to prevent the arrival of infernal masters and their horrors. Gameplay The Infernal Gate is a massive otherworldly structure that assists Infernal Masters in the summoning of their Infernal Horrors while reinforcing your soulless units with its Dark Abyss rule. It can also transport models around with the Gate of Worlds, providing some additional mobility. One cannot ignore it’s powerful gun, Spectral Flames, that ignores many traditional targeting rules and offers some potent area-of-effect attacks to the Infernal forces.


    Game Class:Mode

    lMaterial:Metal & Resin

    Model Type:StructureGAME STATE Singapore Infernal Gate