• Juiced Hexbeasts

    Juiced Hexbeasts

    • SGD$38.00

    For those poor unfortunate souls who transform into Hex Beasts, an even more gruesome fate awaits. Known as Juiced Hex Beasts, these creatures have been studied by the Enlightened for several years now and the reason for this further mutation has yet to be fully understood. What is known is that at some point the RJ-1027 within each Hex Beast metastasises and begins to become highly unstable and volatile. The Hex Beast grows physically more aggressive and formidable until, in a final spasm of mutagenic ecstasy, the Juiced Hex Beast detonates with horrific consequences for anyone in the vicinity. It is for this reason that Hex Beasts are reviled and Juiced Hex Beasts are feared - whole settlements being abandoned if one takes up residence and will not be driven into the wilds beyond.

    The Juiced Hexbeasts set builds three multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 2x Juiced Hex Beasts
    • 1x Hexalith
    • 3x Bases

    GAME STATE Singapore Juiced Hexbeasts