• Marauders, 5307th Ranger Unit

    Marauders, 5307th Ranger Unit

    • SGD$54.64

    The Marauders are a unit issued with reinforced armor and assault armaments, created to go deep into the lion’s den and stop the Antipodes’ incursions into the frontier regions of USAriadna.
    This box contains four weapon options for this Medium Infantry, and is an ideal complement to the USAriadna Army Pack, as well as a way to gain the five members needed to create a varied and powerful Marauders Fireteam.

    Box contains:

    • 1x Marauder (Boarding Shotgun)
    • 1x Marauder (Heavy Rocket Launcher)
    • 1x Marauder (Sniper Rifle)
    • 1x Marauder (AP Spitfire)