• MODELCRAFT Xuron Photo Etch Scissor

    MODELCRAFT Xuron Photo Etch Scissor

    • SGD$70.40

    Xuron Professional Photo Etch Scissor

    Designed and manufactured specifically for cutting the Kevlar® strength component of fibre optic cables. Uniquely designed serrated edge prevents the fibres from sliding out while cutting.
    Cutting edges are heat treated to a hard 58-60 RC. A superior tool offering both precision cutting and exceptional tool life.
    Cushioned Xuro-Rubber™ grips and return spring provide both comfort and control.

    Project type:

    • Wire Harness Manufacturing
    • Telecommunications
    • Electronics

    Special Features: Serrated Blades


    • Sheet Stock
    • Plastic Cable Ties
    • Pc Boards - Depaneling
    • Kevlar Thread
    • Kevlar Fiber
    • Monofilament
    • Fireline
    • Carbon Fiber Strip

    GAME STATE Singapore Xuron Photo Etch