Most Wanted RRP$56

Most Wanted RRP$56

  • SGD$46.00

Be the Baddest in the West!

This town is ripe for the pickin' and every outlaw knows it. Stagecoaches and trains are slow-movin' treasure chests - but any robbery is risky! Play your cards wrong and you'll end up in the slammer without money or bail. Play 'em right and you'll gain loot, admiration, and infamy. Heck, you might even become the...Most Wanted.

1 Scoreboard
63 Money Tokens
8 Characters
8 Plastic Stands
1 Rule Book
8 Player Aids
72 Playing Cards
6 Action Cards
1 Hidden Treasure

Ages: 10+
Players: 2-8
Game Length: 15-35 minutes