• Mythos Morozko

    Mythos Morozko

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    I saw him o’er Winter, just after the war
    The family waiting for the thick snow to thaw
    My stepmother sent me to get wood for the fire
    Her own daughter ne’er had to, in weather so dire

    The forest was dark, even though ‘twere midday
    The sounds all around caused me dismay
    Suddenly I heard quick steps on the track
    Then, there he was, dressed in all in black

    His hair was ice grey, with a twinkle of blue
    His suit, once purple, caked in soot from a flue
    His face, like the moon, was curved like a crescent
    And the teeth in his mouth were all sharp and unpleasant.

    He looked down at me from his incredible height
    And when he spoke his high voice caused a terrible fright
    “Where are you going, little girl, on a night such as this?
    Surely a thick woollen coat would not be amiss?”

    I stammered and stuttered before I replied
    My heart pounded faster, I could have just cried
    But instead I responded and remembered good form
    “Kind sir, well met, I am perfectly warm.”

    He grinned and a twinkle appeared in his eye
    “My, My aren’t you good? And so brave not to fly,
    You may call me Morozko.” He said with a bow
    Removing his hat that was as tall as our cow.

    “Are you quite sure you’re warm little girl?” He persisted
    I nodded quite firmly, “yes I am” I insisted
    His smile widened, his face filled with delight
    “You really are everso, very polite.”

    From behind him he dragged out a very large chest
    He pulled back the lid and I was very impressed
    For inside were the most wonderful things
    Coats, and dresses, a necklace and rings

    “For your kindness I will give you all the things in this box.”
    His smile looked a lot like a cunning old fox
    “Take them home little girl, and always be good”
    Then as quick as a flash there was nought where he stood

    As I dragged home the chest, my heart all a flutter
    My father appeared, and he started to stutter
    “I thought I had lost you my sweet one.” He said
    “You should be safe and warm, at home in your bed.”

    I showed him the chest and he carried it home,
    My stepmother was angry, she started to moan,
    “She doesn’t deserve that! My daughter is better,
    Take her to where you saw that old fellah.”

    So we walked back outside, I in my coat
    And my step-sister beside me, aloof and remote
    We came to the place where I saw the strange man
    My sister had clearly been forming a plan.

    “Where are you? I’m freezing and I want a coat!
    Can’t you see that I’ll die out here you old goat!”
    Then Morozko appeared and his face was much grimmer
    He’d lost his hat and his face was far thinner

    “Why you nasty, spoiled and insolent brat!”
    He screamed at her and caused her to take a step back
    “For your rudeness I really must make redress”
    He lifted his hand and he froze her to death

    Some know how to summon and bind him, others know how to entice him and sometimes he will simply arrive and join the fray on one side or another. Kind Morozko and Unkind Morozko can be added to any Force in Mythos. He begins play as Kind Morozko, bestowing gifts to his allies, but then changes to Unkind Morozko when he is flipped. In this form he curses and cripples his enemies, often resorting to tearing them apart with his claws and teeth.

    The Morozko kit builds two multi-part resin miniatures;

    • 1x Kind Morozko
    • 1x Unkind Morozko
    • 2x Base


    Please note:

    • Morozko is a special 2020 Chrismas miniature, only available to order during the month of December, who can be used in games of Mythos.
      • Morozko can be used in all Mythos factions.
    • Miniature is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.
    • Character Unit Cards are not included and can be found on the Mythos website.