• Neon Lotus Scenery Pack

    Neon Lotus Scenery Pack

    • SGD$19.86

    The Neon Lotus Scenery Pack is the scenery pack that was included in the Operation: Red Veil Army Pack. It has now been released separately so you can buy it without Red Veil. You may also wish to get additional packs to cover a full 4’ by 4’ board area.

    This set includes ready-to-play cardboard scenery (four buildings, two walkways, and six service pods), and a game mat too.

    “Neon Lotus: the Yu Jing’s Martian R&R orbital with a vibe of a place of fun that you never want to leave.”
    Extract from “Living over a planet. The great orbitals of the Human Sphere”, an article by Gisèle Tubiana for GLAMerade, the perfect mix of style and information!


    • 4x Buildings
    • 2x Walkways
    • 6x Service Pods
    • 1x Game Mat