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    Ray West - US Army 101st Airborne Division

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    Ray West - US Army 101st Airborne Division

    Ray Jumped in on D-Day with his Garand rifle. He did not lose it like many others did, but when he heard a distant fight in the distanced he moved to it. only to find a field of dead bodies. That night he picked up a BAR and stuck to it. During refit back in the UK when he was told to give it up, his reply was: "Over your dead body." He remained a BAR gunner for the rest of the war and loved it: " Powerful, powerful weapon, blew the top of a tree off with a burst, had a sniper in it, blew his leg off. Decided too many trees had tops, killed to more snipers."

    Name: Pfc. Raymond (Ray) West
    Faction: US Army Airborne
    Armament: Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR)
    AP Cost: 7
    Key Trait: Move and fire, good at L range


    • 1x 36mm (1:48) scale multi-part metal (lead-free) figure with two alternative heads (with and without a helmet)
    • 1x Strategy card
    • 1x 25mm round plastic slot base