• Baratheon Stag Knights A Song of Ice and Fire

    • SGD$50.00

    As elite units go, Stag Knights are among the heaviest of infantry, wearing plate armor as fine as anything a Lannister might afford, and wielding a massive two-handed warhammer, capable of crushing armor and shattering bone with every swing. A lifetime of training and conditioning lets these honored sers move as fast as their heavy armaments will allow, and their steadfast discipline keeps them holding firm in the hottest fighting. For all their strengths, they can still be overwhelmed, but unlike most units, Stag Knights fight all the harder.

    Plastic components.

    13 Miniatures (30mm Bases)
      ‣ 1 Stag Knight Bannerman
      ‣ 1 Stag Knight Noble
      ‣ 11 Stag Knights
    1 Unit Card
    1 Attachment Card
    1 Movement Tray