• Free Folk War Mammoths A Song of Ice and Fire

    • SGD$50.00

    Although not many Mammoths remain in the world, those trained by the Free Folk and their Giant allies are true juggernauts of destruction on the battlefield. While their size makes them easy targets, their thick, hairy hides shrug off even strong blows. Mammoths attack with their tusks, trunk, and feet, and few units can withstand a Mammoth on the rampage. Such a beast ignores enemy lines and tramples anything in its path. Mammoths are well-trained and difficult to rattle, which is fortunate, because a panicked Mammoth is one's ally on the battlefield.

    Plastic components.

    2 Miniatures
      ‣ 2 War Mammoths, Each on a Large Solo Tray
    2 Unit Cards