• Soul Stalker Infernal Heavy Horror (metal/resin)

    Soul Stalker Infernal Heavy Horror (metal/resin)

    • SGD$75.96

    Among the most frequently witnessed of horrors on Caen, the soul stalker is a terrifying serpentine creature that tirelessly stalks its prey. Arriving into the world with a piercing shriek, a stalker twists through the air in defiance of natural laws. Stalkers are sent from the Outer Abyss to harvest marked souls lingering in Caen so they can be brought back to the infernal masters. They can slay by bite or constriction, absorbing the souls of any they slay to add to those they have already collected.

    • Faction:Infernals
    • Class:Model
    • Game Class:Model
    • Material:Metal & Resin
    • Model Type:Heavy
    • Model Type:Horror