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Stingray 3 Series: Clausewitz Uhlans & Acontecimento Tikbalangs

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At one time the Squalo series substituted the second generation of the Stingray series, which was by then already on the border of obsolescence as the general purpose TAG. However, Moto.tronica decided to develop a third generation of the Stingray series, repositioning it as a lightweight specific purpose TAG. The innovations applied in this new series would be a real eye opener for the military industry complexes across the entire Sphere.
Stingray Series 3 have been conceived as lightweight Remote Presence TAGs, designed and optimized for specific combat tasks. Outwardly, their lightness is highlighted by their small size which provides a clear tactical advantage. In the Series 3 the preference was to limit their offensive load capacity and protection, not only to reduce size but also to gain space in which to incorporate component improvements and new technological resources. This allows integration of the advanced specialized systems which are characteristic of the Stingray TAG series, whether of concealment (Uhlan and Tikbalang models), or mobility (Tikbalang model), providing the PanOceanian Military Complex a range of TAGs with unique capabilities.
A long-awaited reinforcements for the PanOceania army. The Uhlan is the best anti-tank support unit, using his camouflage to ambush the enemy TAGs. Designed for jungle warfare, the Tikbalang perfectly combines its weaponry, a general use HMG and a flame-thrower that is deadly in close combat.

Box contains:

  • 1x Uhlan (HMG)
  • 1x Tikbalang (HMG)