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    Suicide Squad

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    Superheroes aren't the answer to every problem. Sometimes, extreme situations require extreme measures…or extreme individuals. The sort of individuals who call the infamous Belle Reve Prison home—super-villains.

    Of course, no one will officially admit to any of this. That's the charm of Task Force X, perhaps better known by its nickname: the Suicide Squad. This team of super-villains, assembled by their director Amanda “The Wall” Waller, undertakes high-risk covert operations and in exchange receive commuted prison sentences. And we do mean high-risk. Regardless of abilities and talent, every member of the Squad is expendable—it’s expected that many will not return. As expendable assets, all members are fitted with an explosive device in their neck to assure obedience. If Squad members try to escape while on a mission...well, escape isn't an option. Runaway and its BOOM!

    Given the rigorous requirements of the job, the Suicide Squad lineup is always in flux. The roster has included Deadshot, a precise marksman and assassin; Harley Quinn, a peppy but psychotic villain; Captain Boomerang, the man who turns boomerangs into lethal weapons; Enchantress, a powerful sorceress who can wield magical energy; and their sometimes field leader Rick Flag, an elite soldier who is one of the only members who isn’t a super-villain.

    A group of super-villains who have a license to take drastic action in the name of serving a mission? There's no way that could end badly.

    Bat-Boxes are the ultimate way to jump into the action of the Batman Miniature Game! Each box contains a complete Crew and all the cards you need to play. In addition, in each Bat Box you will find a unique Objective for your Crew and a brand new scenario. If you’re new to the Batman Miniature Game, you’ll find a set of Quickstart Rules in each box, so you can start playing right away!

    The Suicide Squad Box contains

    • 7 resin Miniatures,
      • 1x Harley Quinn
      • 1x Diablo
      • 1x Captain Boomerang
      • 1x Katana
      • 1x Killer Croc
      • 1x Deadshot
      • 1x Slipknot
    • 1x High-Quality Resin Objective Marker (Beacon)
    • 8x 30mm Plastic Bases
    • 7x BMG Character Cards
    • 4x Equipment Cards
    • 3x Strategy Cards
    • 1x Quickstart Rules
    • 1x Rules and Scenario