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The strange and wondrous denizens of Athel Loren are tree spirits, their large humanoid bodies are formed of wood held together by a powerful spirit energy. While these beings are kind to the other creatures who dwell within the forest, any invaders are hunted down and crushed beneath their heavy limbs or killed with by their enchanted magical weapons.

The Tree-Revenants are the warrior caste of the Sylvaneth clans and are armed with enchanted blades and march out of the forests with unrelenting doom as the blades and arrows of their enemy’s bounce off their tough wooden hides. The kit also provides additional options for a champion, musician and a banner bearer.

Sprite-Revenants are the cruel opposites of many of the forest folk. Where they are peaceful and calm towards their brethren and live within the light. The Sprite-Revenants are full of hate and anger towards everyone, they are vicious and spiteful beings that have gone insane. Striking from the shadows with their claws and talons, falling on those that fall in battle in with shrieks and hisses.

This box set contains multi-part plastic components to make either five Tree-Revenants or five Spite-Revenants for the Sylvaneth faction for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.