TAP Warpaints Mega Paint Set III

  • SGD$275.00

This fantastic Mega Paint Set includes the best possible quality paints, metallics & washes available today. It has all the colours you need as well as one of the most popular hand-made wargaming brushes in the wargaming industry. 
Some Warpaints have a Colour Primer spray equivalent – and these paints are marked with the small logo: “100% MATCH”. The Washes are superb quality and also match the Quickshade tones of the same name – giving you a perfect shading effect. 

50 Warpaints: 
39 Acrylic Warpaints 
5 Metallic Warpaints, 
4 Quickshade Washes & 
2 Effects Warpaints 

• 1 Triangular handled Regiment Brush 
• 1 The Army Painter Painting Guide