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The Demolitionist

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Known across the city as the Demolitionist, Boomer, Mistress Flame, or any number of other synonyms, this is no woman to mess with. Cursed with an unnaturally strong constitution by the Rent in the Sky, she barely feels pain, but is also stripped of many other senses. Her hearing and sight are dulled, and with so much of the world stripped from her, she strives to feel anything she can, resorting to further extremes to do so.

While her identity is a mystery, none would be surprised to know that her arson tendencies started before the Rent in the Sky opened, and now she is reacting to her powers in the only way she can, by falling further into madness, chasing light, sound, and the smell of gunpowder night after night. More than anything though, this bizarre figure loves to stick around her explosions, eager to feel the slightest hint of pain from the blazing fire.

This set contains The Demolitionist, a Gifted for hire. While she's wildly unpredictable, pointing her in the direction of people or buildings that need destroying is met with a gleeful laugh. Just be sure not to show her where you live or she'll likely show up there the next night!

With a bag full of bombs and complete disregard for her own safety, she is a dangerous character to face. The bombs are deadly, particularly to lightly armoured enemies or those likely to huddle together in a group. Beware though - her own safety will not stop her from dropping a bomb at her own feet!

Contains 1 resin miniature and 1 plastic base. Cobblestone base pictured not included.