• Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition

    Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Edition

    • SGD$48.00

    EASY TO LEARN AND QUICK SETUP; Just a few minutes to setup and 30 minutes to really start rolling; once over the easy learning curve a fun and challenging strategic game ensues with simple and frenzied 30 to 45 minutes of play per game

    TEAM COOPERATION GAME; An exciting fantasy cooperative defense board game, players age 13 and up working together to become heroes and defeat an epic foe; you succeed or die as a team

    NEVER THE SAME GAME TWICE; Do you defend or let it burn; Do you spread out your forces or do you consolidate in one area; Different monsters and a wide array of character classes make for a fun board game night with friends

    A GREAT MULTIPLAYER OR INDIVIDUAL GAME; A cooperative board game that works with up to 4 players however it is just as fun and challenging with 1; fun family and friends board game; great date night or solo strategy game play

    ENHANCED 2ND EDITION; This is the 2nd edition with added abilities; a unique set of ITEMeeples; and artwork; It includes many rule changes, small and large to re-balance and enrich play; making this one of the best strategy board games available