• Warcolours Crystal Filbert Synthetic Brush

    Warcolours Crystal Filbert Synthetic Brush

    • SGD$8.60

    Warcolours presents the sexiest handmade filbert brushes!

    These crystal clear acrylic handle brushes are made from high-quality synthetic hair, making them the really good and affordable brushes. 

    Warcolours brushes can really help you achieve results you didn’t think you were capable of since they are designed to keep their shape.

    For those who like a traditional shape brush but with an ultra-modern design!

    Perfect for basecoating, layering, glazing, and shading, these brushes will be your all-round servants. 


    - polished aluminium ferrule

    - 100% transparent acrylic handle

    - 100% synthetic hair

    - 100% sexy

    Filbert Brush Sizes

    Has a hair length of 17mm and a width of 9.0mm - ideal as a large area basecoating, layering and shading brush since it retains a fair amount of paint

    GAME STATE Singapore Warcolours Crystal Filbert Synthetic brush