• One-Coat Paint 15 ml - WarColours - Basecoating (20 Colours Available)

    One-Coat Paint 15 ml - WarColours - Basecoating (20 Colours Available)

    • SGD$6.20

    Our Fluid line of paints currently offers 20 distinctive colours and are available in 15ml or 250ml bottles.
    These highly pigmented, fluid paints are really opaque and cover really well. They offer a smooth matte-satin finish and dry quite fast. Have been optimized for use with a paintbrush and/or airbrush for application on plastic, metal, and resin miniatures. The paints are also suitable for use on all types of porous or non-porous surfaces (do a test first). Featuring excellent leveling and adherence. Formulated with highly U.V. resistant pigments. The product can be diluted with water and permits up to 15% ethyl alcohol or acetone dilution. These paints tend to separate so shake well before use.
    Paint Characteristics:
    - Finish: Matte/Satin
    - Drying Time: Fast
    - Pigmentation: High
    - Opacity: Highly Opaque/Opaque
    - Acrylic Medium: Liquid
    - Consistency (Viscosity): Fluid(low)
    - Agitators included?: Yes
    - Suggested use: Base Coating/Layering/Drybrushing/Airbrushing
    GAME STATE Singapore Warcolours One Coat Paint