Web Order The Horus Heresy Angron Primarch of the World Eaters Legion

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The most bloody-handed and savage of the Emperor’s gene-forged sons is the primarch Angron, whose legendary reputation in battle has earned him the title of The Undefeated amongst his brothers. Cast in his youth upon Nuceria, a world of brutal oppression, he was enslaved, surgically mutilated, and forced to fight gladiatorial games of death, eventually becoming the undefeated Lord of the Red Sands – a killer without peer.

When he rebelled against his brutal overlords, the Emperor saved Angron from certain death alongside his loyal followers – an act for which Angron has never forgiven the Emperor. It is little surprise, then, that when his brother primarch Horus turned against the Emperor, Angron was quick to side with the traitorous Warmaster. Angron's only true master though was ever his rage and bloodlust.

Angron is depicted here wielding his twin chainaxes, Gorechild and Gorefather, and clad in the Armour of Mars – unusual armour of Nucerian make. His display base reveals the power of his charge, as he knocks aside lesser warriors in search of his mark.

This kit contains 17 resin components, and comes supplied with a 40mm round gaming base and a 60mm scenic base.

Rules for using Angron in your games of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy can be found in Liber Hereticus – Traitor Legiones Astartes Army Book. This miniature is supplied unpainted and requires assembly – we recommend using Citadel paints.

This resin modelling kit is not a toy – it is a collectible item and construction should only be undertaken by expert Warhammer hobbyists aged 15 years and over