• WH Special Releases Lone Wolves (Graphic Novel)

    WH Special Releases Lone Wolves (Graphic Novel)

    • SGD$45.00

    A Space Wolves graphic novel

    Seemingly doomed on a desolate ice world overrun with tyranids, a unit of Astra Militarum are delivered from death by the Space Wolves. The classic graphic novel returns in glorious full colour! Fenrys Hjolda!

    This landmark tale was Dan Abnett's first look at the sons of Fenris, and informed his work on them in the Horus Heresy, as well as inspiring depictions of the Space Wolves ever since. Now in full colour, there's never been a better time to revisit this tale or read it for the first time.

    On the ice world of Shadrac, Sergeant Marlin leads his unit of beleaguered Guardsmen away from the rampaging tyranid hordes. But to where? As the vicious aliens get ever closer, all he can do is pray for a miracle from the Emperor. Whilst his troops are preparing themselves for certain death, a group of hulking figures appears in the midst of a snowstorm – their miracle has arrived as a band of savage Space Wolves joins the fray! But when the smoke of battle clears, Marlin realises his salvation may not be as close as he thought.

    Written by Dan Abnett. Art by Karl Richardson.