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Wolfgang Schmidt - German 26th Volksgrenadier

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Wounded in the shoulder during a desperate attempt to hold back the breakthrough of the Soviet summer offensive (Operation Bagration), Wolfgang has been assigned to the new Volksgrenadier formations when returning to duty from the hospital since his original unit had been completely destroyed. Still, in those two years on the Eastern Front, he has learned a thing or two about fighting in the woods in the harsh Winter.

Name: Oberschütze Wolfgang Schmidt

Faction: German Volksgrenadier Divisions

Armament: Sturmgewehr 44

AP Cost: 7

Key Trait: Camouflage ability



  • 1x 36mm (1:48) scale multi-part metal (lead-free) figure with two alternative heads (with and without a helmet)
  • 1x Strategy card
  • 1x 25mm round plastic slot base