• Zaateroth, the Weaver of Shadows – Infernal Master (metal/resin)

    Zaateroth, the Weaver of Shadows – Infernal Master (metal/resin)

    • SGD$56.97

    Zaateroth is a fell master of tremendous intellect and will, an entity whose very appearance can overwhelm lesser minds, forcing them to their knees. She possesses an aura of alien grace and majesty that is both cold and terrifying. It is no wonder that in ancient times, those who witnessed Zaateroth thought her a dark goddess, and in occult texts, she is described as a personification of death and decay. At her least touch, corporeal forms begin to lose coherence, falling to ruin as if left to age for a thousand years. Shadows move about her like specters, and in these shadows is the essence of the Outer Abyss.

    • Faction:Infernals
    • Class:Model
    • Game Class:Model
    • Material:Metal & Resin
    • Model Type:Infernal Master