• Zhayedan Intervention Troops

    Zhayedan Intervention Troops

    • SGD$54.64

    This box includes four Infinity miniatures with the perfect profile to complement a Zhayedan Fireteam in the Ramah Taskforce Sectorial Army from Haqqislam.
    It includes one Zhayedan with Sniper Rifle, a Zhayedan with an HMG, one Zhayedan Doctor with a Boarding Shotgun, and one Zhayedan with a Missile Launcher. With these four miniatures you’ll complete the Haqqislam Action Pack, or you can play them along with the Khawarijs, Al Fasid, or the brutal force of a Maghariba Guard.

    Box contains:

    • 1x Zhayedan (Sniper Rifle)
    • 1x Zhayedan Bs Attack (Heavy Machine Gun)
    • 1x Zhayedan Doctor,bs Attack (Boarding Shotgun)
    • 1x Zhayedan (Missile Launcher)

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